Star Voyager: Galactic Nights

Dream Kit
Dream Kit
Galactic Nights is a music series exploring the outer realms of space, in celebration of the Star Voyager exhibition.

Featuring artists whose music evokes interplanetary joy and universal foot-tapping, Galactic Nights will explore cosmic space with the catchiest electronics and folk melodics this side of the Milky Way.

All sessions feature space-themed visuals by Blake Byron-Smith (Two Bright Lakes) and tunes by DJ Simon Winkler (RRR).

Thursday 3 November - Thursday 15 December 2011
All tickets $6


Haunting melodies, shimmering organ lines and one powerful voice - Brous is an uncompromising pop visionary.

Hello Satellites

Ecstatic flashes of pop reverie and lyricism from Melbourne's Hello Satellites.

Time Shield

Computers, brains, interwebs and the manipulation of time and space - welcome to the Time Shield show.

Dream Kit

Synths, bleeps, beats and bass that shake headphones and dance floors alike.

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