tao of the traveller The seven keys of enlightenment

Unclassified 18+
Director/ Producer: Robin Ramsay, Running Time: 64 mins, Digital Betacam, Australia, 2008, English

tao of the traveller
Tao of the Traveller
A Quest is beckoning. The Journey is real. And the Traveller is you.

Directed by Robin Ramsay, Tao of the Traveller celebrates the great spiritual traditions of the mystical poets of East and West - the worlds of Rumi and Tagore, of Emily Dickenson and Saint Theresa - through one young woman's remarkable journey.

What was she burying with such care ... long, long ago ... the old woman in white, there on the Indian hillside? And how did a young woman happen to uncover what had been buried, so many lifetimes before?

"If you have had enough of the rat race and are trying to find solace, peace and tranquility, this is for you." Hindustan Times

Find out more about the film at www.taotraveller.com

This is a free community event presented by the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga centres.

Dates   Tues 4 Nov 2008, 7pm
No Longer Available
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