The Water Magician (Taki no shiraito)

Unclassified 15+
Kenji Mizoguchi, 110 mins, Japan, 1933, Digital Betacam, B&W, Japanese with English intertitles. Source: Digital MEME. Courtesy: Digital MEME.

The Water Magician (Taki no shiraito)
The Water Magician (Taki no shiraito)
One of the distinctive aspects of Japanese silent cinema was the live accompaniment by a benshi who narrated the film, adding voices and dramatic oratory. The benshi could become overwhelmingly popular, often supplanting the film as the major attraction.

For this unique event, internationally renowned benshi Ichiro Kataoka will accompany The Water Magician, a gripping tale of love and sacrifice directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, who is regarded by many as the greatest director in Japanese history.

A female magician promises to support a young man, Kinya, through his studies. When her own career begins to fail, she falls into the hands of a loan shark in her attempts to keep up with Kinya's tuition bills and events quickly escalate to a richly melodramatic denouement.

The film will be intertitled in English and Ichiro Kataoka will be performing in Japanese.

Presented in association with the Big Pond Adelaide Film Festival and the Japan Foundation.

Dates   Sat 5 Mar 2011, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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