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In honour of the 70th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Australia Tibet Council presents the Tibetan Film Festival 2005. Running from Thursday 7 July - Sunday 10 July, the festival will provide a wide perspective of the Tibetan situation and will feature Australian and World premieres, including three films by Tibetan directors.

Guests include Senator Lyn Allison, leader of the Australian Democrats, who will speak at the Gala evening on Friday 8 July.

Sponsored by Acuneeds, Ishka and Paddy Pallin

Full $15 Concession $12
Festival Pass > Full $60  Concession $50
Gala Night Tickets $25

All films classification exempt. Admission restricted 18+

festival program

Thu 7 July 7.30pm

Devotion and Defiance
Kunga Palmo, 35 mins, USA, 2004, DVD
Directed by Kunga Palmo and produced by the International Campaign for Tibet, this film chronicles recent Chinese crackdowns on Tibetan Buddhism and the struggle of monks and nuns to practice their faith. Depicting the growth of religious institutions in Tibet since the end of the Cultural Revolution, the film highlights the stories of prominent religious figures as well as ordinary monks and nuns. Devotion and Defiance also reveals how a new generation of monks and nuns cope with reality in modern-day Tibet.

Goutam Ghose, 60 mins, India/Italy, 2004, Video
This film chronicles the journey of Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, who lost his freedom at the age of fifteen and his own country at the age of twenty-four. Living in exile as a refugee all these years, news from his homeland has always been saddening, yet he always seems to be at peace. To overcome suffering is the perennial quest of mankind. This film addresses how illusive and misleading perceptions of the permanence of impermanent phenomena is a cause of suffering.

Fri 8 July 7.45pm
Gala Night (all tickets $25)

Voices in Exile
Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang, 66 mins, India/USA, 2005, DVD
First time director Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang presents the Tibetan community in exile from the rarely seen Tibetan point of view. Whereas most film and photography on Tibet is from the Western eye looking in, this film has been produced entirely by Tibetans. As the Tibetan people stand at the edge of extinction, this film speaks out against the policies of the Chinese government. Never before seen footage includes many surprising interviews on the future of Tibet.

Warrior Songs
58 mins, Canada, 2004, DVD
The legendary Tibetan warrior-king, Gesar of Ling, is brought to life in this sweeping operatic interpretation of an ancient Asian saga. Featuring performances by Yo Yo Ma, Emanuel Ax and Peter Serkin. Warrior Songs blends eloquent musicianship, fierce horseback riding, dance and storytelling to recount the deeds of Gesar, the enlightened sage, as he battles the demons which threaten to enslave humanity. Composed by Peter Lieberson. Libretto by Douglas Pennick.

Sat 9 July 7pm

John Halpern, 55 mins, Canada, 2004, DVD
This story focuses on the spiritual developments that have occurred in the West since the Dalai Lama left Tibet. Featuring first time interviews with renowned filmmakers, artists and Tibetan masters, Refuge tells the story of Westerners seeking refuge in Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhists seeking economic refuge in the West - defining the difference between Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. Refuge is filled with beautiful images from Dharamsala and Bodaghaya to New York and California.

We're no Monks
Pema Dhondup, 129 mins, India/USA, 2003, Video
All is not well for four young friends in McLeod Ganj, whose lives take a course that seems to push them towards the dreaded path of violence. McLeod Ganj, where the Dalai Lama resides, is the hub of Tibetan activities in exile. Refugees live here with hope of returning to Tibet someday. However, a generation has changed and so have the dreams, desires and aspirations of Tibetans, especially the younger ones. Pushed to the limit, even a small worm will fight.

Sun 10 July 7pm

Journey Inside Tibet
Tom Vendetti, 58 mins, USA, 2001, DVD
This documentary follows two men as they make a pilgrimage to the roof of the world to realise their dreams. Spiritual and heartwarming, the film documents the adventure of Tibetan monk Lama Tenzin and flautist Paul Horn as they journey from Nepal to Tibet. Though the men travel the same route, they pursue different and deeply personal dreams. Intentionally nonpolitical, the award-winning film focuses on the positive aspects of Tibet's rich culture and the realisation of the two men's dreams.

Mt. Kailash: Return to Tibet
Tom Vendetti, 140 mins, USA, 2003, DVD
The sequel to Journey Inside Tibet, this extraordinary film documents musician Paul Horn's return pilgrimage to one of the most spiritual and remote places in the world. According to four religions, Mount Kailash is the spiritual center of the universe. This is a beautifully filmed program with a deep message about overcoming obstacles, enduring when the odds are against you, and getting in touch with a simpler and quieter lifestyle.

Dates   Thu 7 July - Sunday 10 July 2005
Admission   Full $15 Concession $12
Festival Pass  Full $60  Concession $50
Gala Night Tickets $25
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