Utopian Futures

Unclassified 15+

Assoc. Prof. Angela Ndalianis
Assoc. Prof. Angela Ndalianis
Theme Parks for Tomorrow with Professor Angela Ndalianis

In his animation and studios, Walt Disney was at the cutting edge of technology and experimentation. In his theme parks, he was looking far into the future.

Angela Ndalianis (Associate Professor, Cinema and Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne) will give a brief history of the theme park and look at how Disney embodied his vision for a utopian future.

Surveying science fiction, utopian writings and urban theory, Ndalianis will explore Walt Disney's influences and discuss the impact that the Disney theme parks have had on contemporary urban culture.

This talk is based on a chapter of a book that Professor Ndalianis is currently researching titled Spectopolis: Theme Park Cultures.

Dates   Sun 3 Apr 2011, 2pm
    No Longer Available
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