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 game character vauge


'Vauge' is pronounced like 'four' with a v sound, then the ge is more like the sound of a j.

I actually created Vauge quite a while ago, from a small sketch I once did of a random fox. From then on I just kept on drawing her and her personality developed from there. Vauge's special ability is definitely invisibility, she is quite an elusive character, hence the dark-coloured clothing that also covers her body shape. I made her dusty-pink colour as an almost ironic contrast, such colouring would make someone stand out, but she has a personality that would hide in the shadows. Despite that she is a confident person, and likes to portray a smooth and stylish image to people she meets.

The name Vauge is a play on the word 'vague' (and is the way I used to accidentally spell it!)

Leah, age 13

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