VCA Film & TV Graduate Screenings 2010

The Death Children -  Jared Backhouse

This is the annual showcase from graduating students of Film and Television at the Faculty of the VCA and Music, University of Melbourne.

Graduates of the School include Academy Award winner Adam Elliot (Mary and Max), Sarah Watt (My Year without Sex), Robert Luketic (The Ugly Truth) and Jonathan Auf Der Heide (Van Diemen's Land).

Thursday 9 December - Saturday 18 December 2010
Full $12 Concession $9

Program A
Thu 9 Dec at 5.15pm, Sat 11 Dec at 7.15pm, Fri 17 Dec at 7.15pm

Anton Blajer - God's Fools
Luran Xiao - Cigar Right
Miranda Troynar - Goodbye Hello
Rodd Rathjen - The Stranger
Joel Loxton - Abel
Kelly Hucker - Kwik Fix
Christie Widiarto - Chasing Planes
Victoria Goodyear - Kamambo (Butterfly)
Andrew Kavanagh - At The Formal

Program B
Thu 9 Dec 7.15pm, Sat 11 Dec 9.15pm, Fri 17 Dec 9.15pm
Nicholas Carlton - Transmission
Victoria Stanford - Why Me?
Alexei Mizin - Needles
Fiona Dalwood - The Comeback
Nathan Vernon - The Land Between
Lisa Kappel - Wordless
Corrie Chen - Wonder Boy

Program C
Thu 09 Dec 9.15pm, Fri 17 Dec 5.15pm, Sat 18 Dec 5.15pm

Kai Smythe - Rented Space
Melanie Miskell - Static
Shan Crawford - Sleight
Joey Hitten - Bunker
Bronwyn Wright - The Philosophical Rabbit
Charles Fisher - Land Of Returns
Jared Backhouse - The Death Children
Adrian Goodman - Immaculate Virtue
Ryan Van Dijk - Officer Down

Program D
Fri 10 Dec 5.15pm, Thu 16 Dec 9.15pm, Sat 18 Dec 7.15pm
Katherine Langton - Operation Irina
Jacqueline Ash- The Milky Whey
Dominique Haslam - Little, Little
Stuart Willis - Payload
Benjamin Holmes - Bufo
Sepideh Fallah - Everything in it's Place
James Robertson - Abraham
Sang Jin Lee - Ohm
Justin Olstein - Adam's Tallit

Program E
Fri 10 Dec 7.15pm, Thu 16 Dec 7.15pm, Sat 18 Dec 9.15pm
Eliza Gardner - Squash
Dee Mirasol - Road to Recovery
Robert Fearson - The Stopover
Khrob Edmonds -  Mathilda West And The Bushranger's Ransom 
Jody Cleaver - The Crocdile's Wife 
Julietta Boscolo  - Safe
Adelle Drover - Out Here in Suburbia
Neil Triffet - Shoplifting

All sessions are Unclassified 18+

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