VCA Film & TV Graduate Screenings 2011

Three Forty-Five
Three Forty-Five
The annual VCA Film and TV Graduate Screening program is your chance to view films by Australia's up and coming talents before they hit the international film festival circuit.

The program demonstrates the creativity and powerful storytelling skills of a diverse student cohort. If you're a keen film buff wanting to see local talent at its finest, don't miss it!

Thursday 8 December - Saturday 17 December 2011
Full $12 Concession/ACMI Members $9

Program A

Thu 8 Dec at 5pm, Sat 10 Dec at 7.15pm, Fri 16 Dec at 7.15pm

Gladys Ng - Ying & Summer

Timothy Marshall - Battlefield

Jason Christou - Human Resources

Luran Xiao - Escape

Alexei Mizin - Closing In

Frank Piripitsi - On Earth

Juliet Sironi - Peacock

Rudolf Fitzgerald-Leonard - Kin

Yianni Warnock - Playpals

Program B

Thu 8 Dec at 7.15pm, Sat 10 Dec at 5pm, Fri 16 Dec at 9.15pm

Billie Pleffer - BINO

Evan Dowling - Night's End

Leah Sanderson - All at Sea

Florence Holmes - Beautiful

Nicholas Bird - The Last Waltz

Natalie James - Tritch

Syed Albar - The Yellow Striped Snake

Stephanie Birch - Animals Undone

Andrew Kavanagh - Men of the Earth

Program C

Thu 8 Dec at 9.15pm, Fri 16 Dec at 5pm, Sat 17 Dec at 7.15pm

Matthew Richards - First Contact

Ellenor Argyropoulos - Life Through A Lens

Sophia Di Venuto - Wallflower

Bronwyn Wright - Darkness

Victoria Goodyear - Drenched in Glorious Light

Sophie Hayward - Kaleidoscope

Timothy Bathurst - Loaded       

Program D

Fri 9 Dec at 7.30pm, Thu 15 Dec at 5.15pm, Sat 17 Dec at 5pm

Clint Cure - Retribution

Karen Wilson - Human Remains

Mahmood Fazal Ahesta Boro - Walk Slowly

Vivian Nilan - Egg

Laura Rinaldi -  Life Swap

Sarah Grimmer - ­Lovebox

John Maloney  - Are you awake?           

John Tummino - Aria

Program E

Fri 9 Dec at 5.15pm, Thu 15 Dec at 7.30pm, Sat 17 Dec at 9.30pm

Anna Helme - Continental Drift

Merethe Tingstad - Petit Rat

Rebecca Kingma - Silent Night

Elizabeth Reeder - Viola Makes A Living

Jonathan Leahy - NORTHKIDS

Sofi Basseghi - The Orchard

Fatima Mawas - Fighting For Air

Ryan Van Dijk - Relationship Rehab


All sessions are Unclassified 18+

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