vca film & tv grad show 2008

Unclassified 18+

vca film & tv grad show 2008
The annual showcase from graduating students of the VCA Film and Television School, this year featuring over 50 short films in a variety of genres, including animation, documentary, narrative and visual effects.

Graduates of the School include Academy Award winner Adam Elliot, Cannes Film Festival winners Glendyn Ivin, Julius Avery and a gallery of AFI Award winners and nominees.

This is your only opportunity to view homegrown talent before it hits the International Festival circuit!

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Thursday 4 - Saturday 13 December 2008
Full $11 Concession $9

Program A
Fri 5 Dec at 8pm, Thu 11 Dec at 7pm, Sat 13 Dec at 9pm
Michael Latham - Boxer
Kim Munro - The Rise Of Leatherman
Qing Xie - Red Water Red
Robin Ride - A Little Problem
Elka Kerkhofs - Lash
Ramzi Nabulsi - Traveller
Ana Tiquia - In The Round
Rodd Rathjen - Thirst
Corrie Chen - Happy Country

Program B
Thu 4 Dec at 7pm, Sat 6 Dec at 9pm, Fri 12 Dec at 5pm

Virginie Tetoofa - E Arioi Vahine
Sonia Mansour - Keepsake
Zachary Gillam - Seagulls
Anoar Ahmed - Ready For Love
Philip Houghton - Negatives
Kathryn Morrison - Second Lives
Rosemary Mackay - Restraint
Rafiq Copeland - Odd Socks: A Serious Sockumentary
Marco Treglia - The Bloody Incident
Robert Mc Ewan - Galactic Sex Wars

Program C
Thu 4 Dec at 9pm, Sat 6 Dec at 7pm, Fri 12 Dec at 9pm

Mischa Baka - Give Me A Moment
Anna Mc Grath - Swings And Roundabouts
Frank Candiloro - Beware Of Black Dog!
Tim Duncan - Bottom Dollar
Alice Foulcher - Breakdown
Andrew Southwell - Suit?
Jody Cleaver - Bloody Paradise
Richard Williamson - The Long Night
Jacqueline Lothian - Playground
Paige Anderson - The Driver And The Bride
Vladimir Pudar - Moon In Red

Program D
Fri 5 Dec at 6pm, Thu 11 Dec at 9pm, Sat 13 Dec at 5pm
William Allert - Skinned
Melissa Bolliger - The Dressmaker's Daughter
Kimberley Fuhrmann - Melbourne 1896
Lauren Anderson - Love And Other Red Spot Specials
David Norris - Oxygen
Aidan Prewett - Me, Myself And I Pod
Gregory Erdstein - The Device
Andrew Macleod - Goodbye Lily Thai
Alan Lam - Soroboruo
Anthony Cox - Just Yours
Leila Koren - Private Baby

Program E
Sat 6 Dec at 5pm, Fri 12 Dec at 7pm, Sat 13 Dec at 7pm

Genevieve Camilleri - Lost Transmission
Takuya Suzuki - Shizuku
Robert Potter - Making Plans For Roland
Amruta Nargundkar - At The End Of The Day
Michael Walsh - Three Small Rebellions
Nicholas Spunde - SL/ASH
Goran Stolevski - Blood
Shannon Patterson - Soundtrack For Life
Rene Chandler - The Perfect Negative
Lewis Hobba - Second Coming

Dates   Thu 4 Dec 2008, 7pm (B) & 9pm (C)
Fri 5 Dec 2008, 6pm (D) & 8pm (A)
Sat 6 Dec 2008, 5pm (E), 7pm (C) & 9pm (B)
Thu 11 Dec 2008, 7pm (A) & 9pm (D)
Fri 12 Dec 2008, 5pm (B), 7pm (E) & 9pm (C)
Sat 13 Dec 2008, 5pm (D), 7pm (E) & 9pm (A)
No Longer Available
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