vca film & tv graduate screenings 2007

Unclassified 18+

See the works of film writers, directors, producers and animators graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts.

VCA alumni include Gillian Armstrong, Robert Luketic and Adam Elliot - here's your chance to see the big names of the future at this annual screening.

Program A
Heaven Gemma Lee, Made in Australia Amie Batalibasi, Cherry Bomb Lester Francois, Higher Power David Lewin, Watermelon Kathryn Goldie, Fingal Rapskallion Dewmymah Legg, Little Wings Polly Staniford, Ransom's Bribe Ramzi Nabulsi, Lucille Tali Gal-on, The Stars Down to Earth James Curlis

Program B
Tala Anoar Ahmed, In Transit Philippa Kelly, Toil Daniel Agdag, The Guardian Pablo Labanino, Great Expectations Carina Mergens, Confronting Shadows Sonia Mansour, Blackberries Sarah Stephen, The Girl in the Moon Alethea Jones, Sacrifice Juan Pablo Blanco Ortiz, Small Change Anna McGrath
Program C
Hell's Gate Jonathan Auf Der Heide, Bibliomania Rosalie Osman, A Triumphant Tale Scott Baskett, The Ambassador Goran Stolevski, Grind Girls Poppy Shmith, 296 Smith Street John Evagora, A Different Cut Fahim Ahad, Winter Peony Takuya Suzuki, The BBQ Shpend Mula

Program D
Lullaby Katie O'Neill, Director's Cut Samuel Bryant, Igor and Mal Michael Kratochvil, Hangin out with Jack Ka-Yin Kwok, Spilt Kitty Green, Please Kill Trevor Dowset Benjamin Plazzer, Double Cross Malgorzata Swierczak, In Evergreen Memory Adam Phillips, Drop Bear Dreaming Micah Parker, The Other Side Robin Geradts-Gil

Program E
Gone to Earth Laurie Nunn, Cyclone Clare Frank Candiloro, Love Refugees Beth Nelsen, Work in Progress Fraser Pilkington, Driving Miss Emily James Lee,
Animal Leah Pullen, Great Times in Rehab Robert Potter, Lone Andrew Nowrojee

Dates   Thu 6 Dec 2007, 7pm (B) & 9pm (C)
Fri 7 Dec 2007, 7pm (D) & 9pm (A)
Sat 8 Dec 2007 5pm (E), 7pm (C) & 9pm (B)
Thu 13 Dec 2007, 7pm (A) & 9pm (D)
Fri 14 Dec 2007, 5pm (B), 7pm (E) & 9pm (C)
Sat 15 Dec 2007, 5.45pm (D), 7.45pm (E) & 9.45pm (A)
No Longer Available
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