VCAM Film & TV Graduate Screenings 2009

This is the annual showcase from graduating students of Film and Television at the Faculty of the VCA and Music, University of Melbourne.

Graduates of the School include Academy Award winner Adam Elliot (Mary and Max), Sarah Watt (My Year without Sex), Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde, The Ugly Truth) and Jonathan Auf Der Heide (Van Diemen's Land).

This is your only opportunity to view home-grown talent before it hits the international festival circuit!

Thursday 10 December - Saturday 19 December 2009

Full $11 Concession $9

Program A
Fri 11 Dec at 5.15pm, Thu 17 Dec at 7.15pm, Sat 19 Dec at 9.15pm

Lauren Anderson - Vigilant! Healthy! Wholesome!
James Robertson - Simon
Katie Mitchell - This is How You'll Make Your Bed In Prison
Edward Housden - Muscles
Fleur McArthur - Poppy Heartwood
Asuka Sylvie - Pinion
Jacqueline Lothian - The Honourable Peter Garrett
Victoria Stanford - Oh, That'll Be An Antique One Day

Program B

Thu 10 Dec at 5.15pm, Sat 12 Dec at 9.15pm, Fri 18 Dec at 7.15pm
David Rusanow - Picture Show At The End of World
Joey Hitten - Contender/Skirmish/The Itch
Naima Elmasri - Connected
Sang Jin Lee - In Transit
Jenna Spesard - Cake
Jonathan Leahy - Last Drinks
Guido Rambeck - Things Have Changed
Patrick Herford - The Gidji

Program C
Thu 10 Dec at 7.15pm, Sat 12 Dec at 7.15pm, Fri 18 Dec at 9.15pm

Raihan Harun - Bani Ibrahim
Dalyah Bakheet - Out Of The Fog
Stuart Mannion - Cracks
Namrata Majumdar - If Only
Gregory Erdstein - Facing Rupert
Anna-Vera Dudas - Bird Country
Aidan Prewett - Me and The Devil Blues

Program D
Thu 10 Dec at 9.15pm, Fri 18 Dec at 5.15pm, Sat 19 Dec at 7.15pm

Mischa Baka - Last Beautiful Friend
William Head - Night Fare
Joel Loxton - Nero's
Lisa Gloufchis - Shiny Thing
James Arneman - Diesel In The Blood
Katherine Langton - The Dollmaker
Sallyanne Scotton - Perspective
Rene Chandler - Only By Appointment
Kevin Chan - Yours Truly

Program E
Fri 11 Dec at 7.15pm, Thu 17 Dec at 9.15pm, Sat 19 Dec at 5.15pm
Ariel Kleiman - Deeper Than Yesterday
Andrew Mitchell - Kill Your Television
Joey George - My Australia
Graham Cheung - The Catalyst
Jennifer Seaman - 100% Wool
Jordan Prosser - Beatrice, Her Beast And The Man From The City
Vessal Safaei - Streets Of My Childhood
Alice Foulcher - Going, Going

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