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Simryn Gill, 30 sec, Australia, 2004. 16 mm/Digital Video

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Produced and Directed by: Simryn Gill
Boatman: Kassim bin Kittan
Camera Operator: Mohamad Jeffri bin Mohamad Yusof
Camera Assistant: Abdul Hamid bin Abdul Rahman
Sound Recordist: Tengku Ahmad Izarul Shah
Editor: Tony Pietra
Production Managers: Neena Gill & Mary Maguire
SBS Independent: Commissioning Editor: Glenys Rowe
ACMI: Executive Producer: Clare Stewart
ACMI: Production Manager: Philippa Campey
© Simryn Gill

ARTV: produced with the assistance of ACMI and SBS Independent


Simryn Gill's languid mini-series stills the television screen, her camera framing a simple fishing boat and its passage, in real time, across the horizon.

Biography - Simryn Gill

Born 1959 Singapore, lives and works in Sydney.

Gill currently divides her time between Sydney and Port Dickson, Malaysia. Her art practice involves object-making, compiling collections, photography and the use of text. Her recent solo exhibitions have been held at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, England, 2000; Petronas Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, 2001; the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2002; and the Berkeley Art Museum, University of California, 2004. She received an Australia Council Fellowship in 2003.

Artist Statement - Simryn Gill

'My approach to television would be to still the screen. A still frame with, perhaps, one element of movement - a boat. Filmed in 16 mm because the tracking of time is palpable in such a still, slow shot, and film is the medium of indexical time relationship - the capturing of time onto the physical surface of the negative. The singular nature of such an approach brings with it some intriguing questions. For instance, I will have to find a place to film the boat. Sydney? Off Christmas Island? What kind of boat? A sailing boat? Sampan? Fishing craft? There are no simple images.'

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