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Video Art

The ARTV project invited sixteen of Australia's finest contemporary artists to rethink the language of moving image and the rhythms of television programming by creating a series of 30-second works specifically for the small screen.

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Vernon Ah Kee's representation of Australian black/white politics.
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A 30-Second Portrait, Starring Phil Lombardo

A young man obsessed with Michael Jackson.
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Renowned breakdancer Morganics pulls his moves in a water fountain.
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The Day Before I Went Away

A play on Chinese propaganda painting.
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Blood Disco: Dirk Wears White Socks

A riff on the early surrealist films of Luis Buñuel.
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Arlene's saucy Textanudes deck of cards comes to life with a snap.
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Short Band Video

An everyday object behaves in unexpected ways.
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Blurring the Boundaries

Unexpected images are projected onto a shop window in Vietnam.
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Train No.6

A simple train is reconfigured to form mesmerising images.
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A simple fishing boat languidly crosses the horizon.
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Ost Offic

A poetic meditation on the fragility of civic space.
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Knitted dolls illuminate the unpredictable beauty of found objects.
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A woman slides into her own reflection.
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From the Heart

A mysterious universe hovering between biology and the sublime.
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An animated pan across an area of the Mt Lyell mine, Tasmania.
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Paper War

Battle scenes are silhouetted against a traditional landscape scroll.
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ARTV was commissioned for the exhibition 2004: Australian Culture Now by ACMI and SBS Independent and aired on SBS TV in 2004. Curated by Clare Stewart

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