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Ernest Edmonds & Mark Fell, Australia/UK

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Installation with interactive audio/visual projection, live cameras. 4-channel mono sound. Commissioned by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Supported by UTS and the Cooperative Research Centre ACID.

The quest to integrate sound and vision can be traced back to the 1700s when Louis-Bertrand Castel's 'Colour Organ' synchronised coloured lights with notes on the musical scale. Absolute_5 extends this idea by incorporating interactivity. The work generates its own colours and sounds by following set rules, but also changes in response to human activity within the space.

Ernest Edmonds (1942-)
Born in London, United Kingdom; lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Ernest Edmonds works in the constructivist tradition and first used computers in his practice in 1968. He first showed an interactive work with Stroud Cornock at the Computer Graphics exhibition in the UK in 1970, and a generative time-based work at Exhibiting Space in London in 1985. Currently Edmonds is Professor of Computation and Creative Media at the University of Technology, Sydney, where he runs a practice-based art and technology research group, the Creativity and Cognition Studios.

Edmonds has exhibited his work in numerous international forums, including the Sonar Festival (2004), Barcelona and SIGGRAPH (2004), Los Angeles. In 2004 Edmonds instituted Beta_Space, a centre for research into interactive art at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. His current work, in collaboration with sound artist Mark Fell, continues his longstanding exploration of abstraction, audience interaction and the correspondences between sound and image.

Artists Bookworks has recently published his book On New Constructs in Art.

Mark Fell (1966-)
Born in Sheffield, United Kingdom; lives and works in Sheffield,United Kingdom.

After graduating in combined media arts at Sheffield City Polytechnic Fell founded an artists' group, staging public works using sound and interaction to examine space and activity. These culminated in a commission from Lovebytes Digital Arts, installed at the city's new leisure centre in 1998.

With Mat Steel, Fell formed snd, whose reputation for minimal techno was quickly established with several seminal records on Mille Plateaux. Since its inception, snd have performed internationally, recently touring Europe and America with fellow techno producers Autechre.

Throughout his practice, Fell combines his interest in rudimentary urban and electronic musics with contemporary, avant-garde practice. His ongoing collaborative relationships with Fluxus artist Yasunao Tone, systems artist Ernest Edmonds and video artist George Saxon bring together divergent modes of production, distribution and creativity. Common to Fell's work as musician, artist, curator and writer is an interest in artistic and technological process, interaction and intention.

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