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Jonathan Duckworth (Metraform), Australia

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3 Liquid Crystal Displays, computer, custom designed software.  Variable duration, cycling continuously in real-time. Mute.  Supported by RMIT University, Melbourne.

This work invites you to explore the limits of your visual perception. A geometric pattern unfolds across a background of similar colour; the subtle difference between the two appears only when the display is viewed from certain angles, due to the polarization of light. Duckworth comments that 'to 'see' the work requires an 'active reconfiguring of our viewing habits'.

Jonathan Duckworth (Metraform) (1973-)
Born in Aberdeen, Scotland. Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Jonathan Duckworth is an artist and architectural designer specialising in the development of real-time graphical environments. He holds a Bachelor and Postgraduate architectural degree from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and a Master of Design (Industrial Design) from RMIT University, receiving the 2003 University Research prize for his postgraduate study. His research interests focus on the design, spatial qualities, interaction and psychological effects of digital environments.

He is a co-founder of Metraform, an award winning Melbourne-based arts and design practice utilising the technologies of semi-immersive virtual reality, real-time interactive computer graphics and emerging new media technology to prototype and create experimental arts, cultural and commercial content.

Metraform's productions include two large-scale virtual reality arts projects, Symbiosis and Ecstasis, with support from Film Victoria's Digital Media Fund and RMIT University. These productions have been exhibited in events including the Melbourne International Film Festival (2001), Next Wave Festival (2002), GRAPHITE (2003), Ars Electronica (2004) and BEAP (2004).

Metraform's cultural and commercial projects include the production of virtual heritage and natural history content for the State Library of Victoria, National Museum of Australia and the Virtual Room, Melbourne Museum.

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