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Abstraction Now

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Articulate Casey Reas

Various works designed for the web, using Flash, Java and Director Shockwave software. Curated by Lia and Miguel Carvalhais for the exhibition Abstraction Now, Vienna, 2003.

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Curator's Statement
Abstraction Now took place in Vienna's Künstlerhaus from 29 August to 28 September 2003. Norbert Pfaffenbichler and Sandro Droschl curated the exhibition; Lia and Miguel Carvalhais co-curated the 'Medialounge', as well as the Online Project section represented here.

The works collected throughout Abstraction Now ranged from plastic arts to video and installation - interactive or not - but in both the Medialounge and the Online Project, the focus was on art produced through software, art that uses the World Wide Web and ubiquitous personal computers as its media.

Drawing from the exhibition's title, a goal while curating this online selection was to collect not only pieces from contemporary creators, but also pieces that worked in a very particular timeframe, not the time of their creation but rather the time of their execution, the moment in time-space where they are used: now. The selected pieces work on an ever-shifting time - the present - and therefore they are themselves in constant mutation, finding their models not so much in the ideal of eternity of the carved stone or fixed image but perhaps rather in the permanent renovation of natural systems.

Miguel Carvalhais, Porto, May 2005

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