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world without end

Thursday 14 April - Sunday 17 July 2005
Free exhibition > Screen Gallery

 image from the light by brian doyle
The Light Brian Doyle

Experience the spectacle, wonder and turbulence of a world in motion. World Without End explores the poetics of time, place and natural phenomena.

Our experience of the world is shaped by the subtle and dramatic forces of nature, the energies and rhythms of cities, and the elastic time of global travel and instant communication networks.

This exhibition reveals how we perceive the world through an endless series of flows and flux: cycles of night and day, constantly changing weather patterns, crossings through natural and urban environments, currents of memory, emotion and reflection.

Descend into the Screen Gallery, a unique exhibition space tunnelling the length of Federation Square, to experience the world through a range of alternate lenses: everyday occurrences and familiar places seem strangely new and newly strange.

Curated by Alessio Cavallaro and Alexie Glass.

Read the Catalogue Introduction to World Without End.

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Antarctica represents the landmass to which all continents were once connected, yet it is the last continent to be 'discovered'.

thumbnail from a viagem

a viagem (the voyage)

In 1543, a Portuguese vessel anchors in Japan for the first time.

thumbnail for cartes postales vidèo

cartes postales vidéo: melting pot no. 1 + no. 2 + no. 3

The traditional postcard comes alive in this collection of thirty-second 'video postcards'.

thumbnail for history of a day

history of a day

In a series of journeys across our living planet, five 'days' (from sunrise to sunset) are projected simultaneously.

thumbnail for rev


A meditation on the rapid pace of urban living.

thumbnail for the last clock

the last clock

Last is a clock that records its own history, displaying the movement and rhythm of a space.

thumbnail for train no. 1

train no. 1

Sophisticated digital processing provides alternative representations of space and time in this mind-bending work.

thumbnail for the light

the light

A metaphor for the illumination of the unknown.

thumbnail for tide


A live gallery installation controlled by the changing distance of the moon.

thumbnail for too dark for night

too dark for night

A brooding exploration of humanity in the face of nature.

thumbnail for enola


Filmed in an architectural theme park in Japan where over 100 iconic buildings have been re-created in miniature.

thumbnail for netlag


Computer networks allow for unprecedented experiences of 'time and place'.

thumbnail for hold: vessel 1

hold: vessel 1

Visitors try to catch a mesmerizing series of projected visions in a delicate glass bowl.

Thursday 14 April - Sunday 17 July 2005
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