Richard Greenhalgh

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Richard's Profile

Is everyone in our Digital Programs team part-Lego?! Richard enlightens us with his eclectic taste in film and music.

How long have you worked at ACMI?
10 years!

In which team do you work?
Digital Programs, I am the Team Leader of Media Production.

What are you working on this week?
I am currently looking up the correct spelling of coordinator which is something I have never been sure about, anyway I am glad to have that cleared up… I am also trawling through our archive of videos and pictures trying to find content for an archival video I have to edit.

Which word or phrase do you most (over)use in your work?
The studio door is still broken, not sure when it is going to be fixed, until then just knock and I will let you in.

If you weren’t working at ACMI and you lived in a parallel universe, what is the job you would be doing?
Ideally I would be just like Sir David “RamJam” Rodigan a hero of mine.

Podcasts, music, radio or silence as the soundtrack to your commute to and from work?
Believe it or not I mainly listen to podcasts in which people talk about music.

Have you spotted any celebrities at ACMI or in Federation Square?
I saw the Queen in Fed Square, well I saw the top of her very pink hat at least.

What is the last television series you binged on?
I just watched every episode of Road The Twist with my daughter. Great fun!

What is your favourite line from a film (which you perhaps like to quote)?
There are many but the first that comes to mind is: “We have come on holiday by mistake!” (from Withnail and I). I can often be heard saying this to myself when I am halfway up a stupidly steep mountain path or if I wake up in the night and my tent has 2 inches of rainwater water in it.

What was the last film you saw and what did you think of it?
Last time I was in a cinema was to see Hell or High Water. It reminded me of an old 70's metaphysical road movie where the road is symbolic of some sort of philosophical musing or other. Not a genre we see much of these days which is a pity.

What are your top 5 desert island flicks?
Withnail and I: I could watch this and it would be like I was flat sharing with two crazies.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Endlessly entertaining, first film I fell in love with, I was about 9.
Fists in the Pocket: Crazy family. I could watch this and it would make me feel that being isolated on my Desert Island away from humanity is perhaps not such a bad thing.
This is England: For the soundtrack alone but I do love this film and pretty much anything Shane Meadows makes.
Beau Travail (or anything with else Denis Lavant in it.) This is a beautiful film and also I could spend my lazy afternoons trying to learn Denis Lavant’s dance routine from the end of the film

What is your favourite music video?
So many candidates but on reflection the greatest music video of all time is Cloudbusting by Kate Bush. Kate and Donald Sutherland hamming it in a perfect four minute package.

Do you have a work uniform?
I dress plainly. Jeans and long sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up. I am happy to leave standing out in the crowd to others.

In ACMI, The Movie which actor would play you?
Denis Lavant of course.