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Reports & Policies

Corporate Strategy 2020–2024

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Our mission

To enrich our lives and foster our creative industries by illuminating the moving images, screens and technologies that define our age.

Our vision

By 2025, ACMI will reflect our diverse society, connecting watchers and learners, players and makers, through our ground breaking onsite and digital programs and experiences.

Our values

We believe …

  • First Nations culture is at the centre of Australian culture
  • commitment to diversity and inclusivity is ongoing work and must be continuously championed
  • our museum must strive to be accessible, reflective and welcoming of all our communities
  • innovation and learning requires experimentation and risk taking
  • collaboration enables real accomplishment
  • creative expression takes many forms
  • in working together with integrity and respect.


The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is Australia's national museum of film, TV, video games, digital culture and art. Unique in the museum landscape in Australia, we celebrate the past, present and future of the moving image and its profound impact as it transports, challenges and entertains people of all ages and backgrounds, right across the globe. In a world transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ACMI’s purpose becomes more relevant than ever as screens take the pre-eminent role in connecting our society and communities.

Established by the Victorian Government in 2001 and located in the heart of Melbourne in Federation Square, ACMI plays a vital part in the city’s role as a global cultural destination driven by creativity and innovation. ACMI is the most successful museum of its kind in the world attracting millions of visitors to our museum and our touring exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

Our Renewal

In 2021, our museum will reopen after 18 months of capital works. This visionary $40m transformation has been delivered through the investment and support of the Victorian Government, along with corporate and philanthropic partners.

Our renewal enables ACMI to continue to expand the impact of our museum in a changing world, enabling us to deliver rich experiences both onsite and through our digital channels. Our on-site programs in our galleries, cinemas and labs, and our online programs, encourage discovery, curiosity and media literacy. They tell a global story while supporting our commitment to championing First Nation and diverse artists and practitioners everywhere. Our industry and research programs push form and further practice. ACMI is an instigator, collaborator, nurturer, educator and innovator – working with practitioners, institutions, businesses and networks across the creative industries and education sectors.

ACMI will provide a safe, inclusive and open place for community enjoyment and a social space for inquiring minds, attracting visitors from around the nation and the globe to its physical and online sites. Our staff, programs, collaborations and audience will reflect the diversity of our community. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, ACMI’s operations, programming and revenue streams will continue to innovate and be transformed through digitalisation extending the breadth, depth and reach of engagement and impact. ACMI’s global and domestic collaborations will set it apart from other museums, fostering experimentation and research.

As the world adapts to the impacts of the pandemic, by 2025 ACMI will have transformed and cemented its reputation as an innovator through an expansive engagement with the moving image and screen culture.

Supporting our State’s strategic goals:

ACMI will support our community towards recovery in a COVID world. The inaugural Creative State Strategy 2016–2020 placed Victoria’s creative industries at the forefront of the state’s future growth, prosperity and liveability and ACMI has actively supported the five Action Areas of the plan. Creative State #2 will be released in 2021. ACMI supports the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions’ 2019–23 Strategic Plan, particularly its strategy to grow vibrant, active and creative communities, enhancing Victoria’s position as a global creative capital. We support additional departmental priorities particularly the visitor economy through Visit Victoria and education through the Department of Education and Training. ACMI is committed to actively ensuring that the diversity of our community is reflected in our staff, programming, collaborations and audience.

2020–2025 Key objectives and strategies

Content & Programs

Challenge and delight local, regional, national and international audiences in a critical understanding of a diverse screen culture.


  • Design and deliver diverse, dynamic and groundbreaking multi-form and multi-platform content
  • Collaborate with, commission and support a diverse ecology of practitioner and practices across physical and digital platforms
  • Expand collection digitisation, preservation and access
  • Deepen education and life long learning programs for multi-platform delivery.

Experience & Engagement

Transform ACMI into a multi-platform museum through an ongoing process of digitalisation.


  • Be an internationally recognised multi-platform museum and brand with a focus on representative diversity
  • Create groundbreaking experiences and products that are welcoming and accessible onsite and online
  • Invest in our staff and operations to ensure we have the digital fluency and cultural competencies to deliver our new goals.

Practices & Partnerships

Extend the role and impact of the museum through leadership, rich collaboration and investment in our staff.


  • Expand collaboration and research across a local and a global ecology of interdependent practitioners, partners and organisations
  • Deliver on our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Develop new and maximise existing nongovernment revenue streams in a post-pandemic economy
  • Decarbonise operations

Measures of success

Content & Programs

  • Visits and time spent onsite and online with ACMI content and programs
  • Number of new exhibitions, programs and products delivered nationally and internationally
  • Percentage of representative cultural diversity in ACMI program content across all platforms
  • Percentage of collection available online and stabilised
  • Number of external awards, publications and papers presented.

Experience & Engagement

  • Local, national and international brand awareness
  • Percentage of representative cultural diversity in ACMI attendance onsite and online
  • Percentage of ACMI content with open captions and AUSLAN
  • Audience satisfaction measured across all channels and platforms
  • Percentage of repeat annual visitation across all platforms
  • Staff development programs in digital fluency and cultural competency.

Practices & Partnerships

  • Number and value of Victorian practitioners, partners, and organisations supported
  • Number and value of research partnerships
  • Disability Action Plan actions delivered
  • Reconciliation Action Plan actions delivered
  • Percentage of representative cultural diversity amongst staff and volunteers
  • Non-government revenue as percentage of overall revenue
  • Environmental targets achieved.

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