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In partnership with LaunchVic, we're thrilled to present a business accelerator specifically designed for creative practitioners and startups. ACMI Xcel will upskill you in the Lean startup methodology, including growth marketing, design thinking, customer validation, product testing and sales.

In January 2018, 11 teams of creative companies and practitioners joined the intensive two-week Xcel boot camp. Spanning across a wide range of creative technologies, the selected teams brought together products and services in VR, AR and AI, animation and storytelling. After two intense weeks and a competitive selection process, five teams have been selected to join the ten-week accelerator program. 

Xcel program delivery is supported by Pathwize and Girl Geek Academy.

    Meet the 2018 accelerator participants

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    About the accelerator

    What is ACMI Xcel boot camp?

    A full time two-week boot camp that will equip creative practitioners with the skills to develop either a unique value proposition or UVP – meaning that you can clearly define what sets your business apart from the rest – or a minimum viable product or MVP that is ready to test on customers.

    The Xcel boot camp runs January 29 – February 9.

    What is ACMI Xcel Accelerator?

    Four teams from the boot camp will be selected for the Accelerator 10-week immersive business coaching program. It includes significant 1:1 coaching and mentoring as well as structured training in order to help creative practitioners scale up quickly. At the conclusion of the Accelerator, participants will pitch to investor networks in a demo event at ACMI. The successful pitch will go onto be showcased at ACMI.

    The Accelerator runs February 19 – April 16.

    Who are we looking for?

    The program is open to makers of creative technology and creative products that have a connection with the moving image, including:

    • Virtual reality
    • Augmented reality
    • Robotics
    • Digital media
    • Games
    • Interactive content
    • Digital product design
    • Film
    • New media art
    • Wearable technology
    • Music technology
    • 3D printing
    • The Internet of things

    We're looking for practitioners and small business teams who are based (or have an office presence) in Victoria. They must be committed to developing scalable creative technology in the cultural industries. Knowledge about the start-up landscape is not required, but enthusiasm is.

    Why partner with ACMI Xcel Accelerator?

    • Join our vibrant co-working space ACMI X free for the period of the program
    • Be part of a network of innovators linked to leaders in the start-up and investment ecosystem
    • Receive support, learning and mentorship opportunities from fellow creatives, resident ACMI X start-ups and expert staff at the Museum
    • Receive an opportunity to exhibit your product in a bespoke showcase within ACMI
    • This is an equity free program, which means you get to keep all of your equity and IP
    • Each team will get access to a small budget and production support for product testing and showcase

    Mentors and Industry Experts

    Tristonne Forbes - CEO, Pathwize (ACMI Xcel Head Coach)
    Anna Reeves - Executive Producer, That Start Up Show 
    Jeremy Kraybill - VP Dashcord & Entrepreneur in Residence at Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) at University of Melbourne
    Sarah Moran - Co-Founder/CEO, Girl Geek Academy
    Dominic Dirupo - Founder, Alphastation
    Mark Gustowski - Acting CEO, QUT Creative Enterprise Australia
    Julia Kagansky - Director, New Inc (NY)
    Omar De Silva - Co-Founder, Plato Project
    Michael Agar - Director, Wave Capital
    Dr Jonathan Duckworth - RMIT
    Dr Kim Vincs - Director, Deakin Motion.Lab
    Tui Te Ha - Mahuki Innovation, Te papa (NZ)
    Peter Tullin - Co-Founder, REMIX & CulturalLabel
    Al Gibb - Founder/CEO, Mighty Serious Games
    Iulian Stefanica - Co-Founder/CEO, Stoneclap (ACMI X)
    George Hedon - Founder CEO, Pause Fest
    Georgia McDonald - Wade Institute
    Gary Wilson - Director, Mango Communications
    Roger McKinley - Head of FACTLab, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (UK)
    Stefan Greuter - Associate Professor, Deakin University
    George Hartley - Co-Founder, Blue Thumb

    ACMI Mentors:
    Helen Simondson - Head of ACMI X and Special Projects
    Seb Chan - Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
    Greg Turner - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    Lucie Paterson - ACMI Product Manager

    2018 boot camp participants

    Lin Tam, Derek Pritchard and Warwick Molloy, Immix
    Developing the Pixar of Augmented Reality storytelling and discovery.

    Brett Harrison, Kit Webster and Tobias Webster, LUMA
    A team developing a natural imaging system set to revolutionize cinematic storytelling.

    Jamie Dunbar, Dragonboots
    Creating digital animations to assist health professionals explain the complexities of surgery to children.

    Mei Lim and Daniel Calvo, Mosster
    Designing immersive, interactive art-based experiences for commercial application.

    Robin Hao and Chloe Ratcliffe, MagicPi
    Developing “Maggie”, the world’s first AI museum guide.

    Dan Koerner, Sandpit
    Designing a retail experience platform that serves customers personalised content both in the physical and digital worlds.

    Raydel Prado and Mark Xu, Drone Light Studio
    Creating drone lighting for live performances.

    Emma Roberts and Ben Andrew
    Creating location-based immersive VR experiences.

    James Mullins and Ken Mahon, FLAIM Systems
    Developing a VR enabled firefighting training simulator.

    Paul Anderson
    Designing an AR platform allowing ad agencies to bring outdoor advertising to life.

    Jon Rowe
    Creating an accessible e-sports gaming platform.

    ACMI Xcel is supported by

    This program is supported by LaunchVic