Anywhen (2016)

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Parreno’s most recent film, Anywhen was created for his Turbine Hall commission of the same name, which opened at the Tate Modern (London) on 4 October 2016. The film is a performance by actor and ventriloquist Nina Conti who speaks a monologue, her mouth not moving. As Conti speaks we see images of a bioluminescent cephalopod moving gracefully across the screen, almost dancing, and looking back at us as we watch the film.

Speaking words that Parreno has used before in texts, interviews, conversations, entwined with fragments from James Joyce, Conti presents ideas of time and automata: “The mask is the first automaton”; “Eternity in perpetuity.” She ends with a premonition: “There’s no way to stop the upcoming tragedy.”


Colour, sound