Broken Age (2015)

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Broken Age Game Cover, Screen Worlds Game, ACMI

Tim Schafer's record-breaking Kickstarter game, Broken Age, features a crazy coming-of-age story with adorable art, witty writing and characters voiced by Elijah Wood and Jack Black. 

Two teens are trapped in similar situations, but in radically different worlds. Vella Tartine has the ‘honour’ of being sacrificed to the monster Mog Chothra to save her village, while Shay Volta is being coddled by his computer parents, who have trapped him on a spaceship for his own protection. However, both their worlds are about to collide in strange and unexpected ways. 

Solve puzzles and help Vella and Shay as they escape from their worlds and encounter talking trees, crochet creatures and snakes that like to hug people.