Colour Wheel Game (2009)

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About the Colour Wheel

Colours play an important role in expressing emotions and ideas, as well as creating moods and atmospheres on screen. Have you noticed that blue can be used to express calmness or sadness, while red is the colour of desire, as well as horror?

Learn about the importance of colour on-screen with the Colour Wheel game. Stand in front of the screen and press the button to begin. After you've read the instructions, match the 3 circles on the right side of the screen to one of the movie scenes from the reel. Spin the wheel in front of you to scroll down and find the right scene.

These scenes come from films where colour plays an important role in terms of on-screen aesthetics and symbolism. Pick the right scene and you can watch a video clip from the movie... Think you know your films? Test your skills and see how many questions you can get right!