Connection to Country (2017)

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“A beautifully shot documentary, it's clear to see that one of the strongest inspirations is [Mowarin’s] desire to pass on culture and country that is in tact for not only his people but his young daughter and generations after her.”

Emily Nicol, SBS

Australia is home to the world’s oldest continuous culture, a culture whose sacred sites date back further than any of the world’s most famous monuments.

Stonehenge, the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China are all young compared to the 40,000 year-old rock art sites like those that can be found in Western Australia's Pilbara region on the Burrup Peninsula (or Murujuga). These create a dramatic and ancient landscape so sacred that some parts shouldn't be looked upon by anyone apart from their traditional owners.

Sadly, encroaching industrialisation and development threaten such sites all over the region, but the people of the Pilbara - forever connected to country, forever responsible for their land – are banding together and fighting back.

Powerful and poignant, Connection to Country explores the relationship that exists between Indigenous people and their land and charts their battle to get their unique cultural heritage recognised, conserved and celebrated.

This screening will be followed by a panel discussion.