Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas (2016)

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Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas is investigative journalism that will make your blood boil.

Around the globe there is a massive commercial rush for farmland – the new green gold. One of the most profitable new locations for farming is Ethiopia but how can a country export food products by the ton and at the same time be so dependent on food aid?

A new wave of colonialism is hitting Africa, in the form of land grabbing. Hoping for export revenues, the Ethiopian government leases millions of hectares of allegedly unused land to foreign investors. This dream of prosperity however, comes at a cost – with Ethiopia experiencing some the most massive forced evictions in modern history, the lost livelihoods of small farmers, harsh repression and violent protest.

Shockingly, contributing to this disaster are the EU, the World Bank and DFID, providing billions of dollars in development money.

With Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas, Joakim Demmer deeply probes these foreign land-investments and exposes their negative impact on people’s lives. On a journey to uncover the truth, we meet investors, development bureaucrats, persecuted journalists, struggling environmentalists and small farmers deprived of their land, whose testimony will leave you incensed and demanding change.