Lumino City (2014)

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Navigate the planes of Lumino City in our Screen Worlds exhibition for a stunningly beautiful, puzzle-fuelled adventure.

Lumino City collected three BAFTAs as well as a number of other awards for its meticulous construction. Like its predecessor Lume, Lumino City’s set is a real, 10f-ft tall, model city which was handcrafted entirely from paper and cardboard. As the adorable 2D avatar Lumi you get to wander around the beautiful set to solve the puzzles and find Grandad.

The point and click gameworld is unparalleled in its breathtaking visual style. It looks like a videogame by Shaun Tan - simple characters in an astoundingly intricate and ornate world. The visuals are complemented by a mesmerising soundtrack from English electro-folk duo GAPS and this combination creates a hypnotic gameplay experience.

Lumino City is simultaneously nostalgic in its visual styling and trailblazing in its construction. Try your hand at the puzzles or just wander around and become totally immersed in the beauty of the world.