Maori Pa Wars (2017)

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Māori Pā Wars is a classic tower defence game set in ancient New Zealand featuring native Māori characters and creatures. Get ready for an epic battle to defend against hordes of beasts, ogres and other nasty creatures, including the mighty Taniwha, using your arsenal of defensive Pā fortifications and special abilities at your command. Fight in forests, wastelands and mountains, customizing your defensive strategy placing different specialised Pā, each with unique specialist troops. Then rain comets, summon brave back up warriors and recruit the gods as guardians to help you in battle as you face legendary monsters and beasts on a quest vanquish all your enemies.

Maker: Maru Nihoniho (Founder and Director of Metia Interactive, Māori Pa Wars team leader)
Developer: Metia Interactive
Publisher: Adrenalin Group