Mario Kart 8 (2014)

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Mario Kart 8 Game Cover, Screen Worlds Game, ACMI

Reimagined for the Wii platform, Mario Kart 8 is simultaneously loyal to its original SNES fan base and energetically groundbreaking in its new features.

The game feels as intuitive as ever, but the HD graphics power-up the playing experience through stunning and immersive animation detail. The new console location also offers exceptionally responsive (and lifelike!) vehicle handling, which is great for getting around those heavy-weight characters.

This release also saw the addition of the anti-gravity kart which allows players to race along walls and upside down. When characters collide in zero-g they also earn speed boosts, so it’s worth honing those ceiling dodgem skills.

Fan-loved features from previous editions have been retained, including motorbikes, gliders and underwater racing. Those slippery bananas are back too, bigger and more slippery than ever, so get your finger on the B key and make that Mushroom Cup yours.