Nidhogg (2014)

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Nidhogg Game Cover, Screen Worlds Game, ACMI

In this Street Fighter-reminiscent platform swordfight, players lunge and parry, jump, kick and even fistfight until their opponents collapse in a dramatic pile of pixels. 

Once their opponent has been defeated, the winner has a clear path to confront the Nidhogg or Níðhöggr, a big boss based on a mythological Norse serpent.

The theatrical world of Nidhogg is reminiscent of an 8-bit arcade game, and developer Mark Essen of Messhof designed it with a similar public spectatorship in mind. 

Players can fight in single player mode, but the game really shines in the local and online multiplayer modes where spectators and competitors alike get drawn into the frantic energy of the showdown.

With a tense soundtrack by electronic producer Daedelus accompanying the comical stabs and screams of defeat, Nidhogg has spectators and competitors shouting and giggling at the screen. It feels like an arcade game for a digital landscape.