Time Slice (2009)

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About the Time Slice

Imitate Neo and Trinity from The Matrix, or perform your own moves, and create your very own Time Slice video. 

Based on the Bullet sequence from The Warchowski Brother’s film, The Matrix, the Time Slice creates the sensation of floating and freezing in mid-air. To make a video, simply jump into the Time Slice, press the button to the left of the entrance and perform an action before the 3 beeping sounds are played. When you’ve finished, exit to view your video on a screen on the outside of the Time Slice and send a copy to yourself. 

The 36 cameras around the Time Slice captures the different stages of your movements and plays them in a slow-motion, gravity-free sequence. If you jump, you look like you’re levitating. If you perform a play fight, you look like Rocky Balboa in the middle of an intense match. 

Now that you’ve learnt the secrets of The Matrix, come and try it out for yourself in Screen Worlds!