The Turning Forest

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The Turning Forest is a virtual reality fairy tale for young and old alike created by the VR production studio VRTOV. 

In The Turning Forest things are not quite what they seem. You are invited into a magical space of imagination, music and transformation, where rustling leaves reveal the footsteps of something familiar, yet strange. After being dropped into a mystical forest, you encounter a mythical beast who takes you on an exhilarating ride...

About the makers

VRTOV is an independent VR production studio based in Melbourne that specialises in documentary and real-time interactive VR. Co-founded by Oscar Raby and Katy Morrison, VRTOV is an artist-led studio whose members utilise their diverse skills in game design, animation, documentary, theatre, performance art, new-media art and creative technology to craft stories in VR. VRTOV are residents of ACMI X. The Turning Forest has been created in collaboration with BBC Research & Development (the national technical research department of the BBC). It was written by Shelley Silas, directed by Oscar Raby, and features original music by Jon Nicholls.

Come in and experience The Turning Forest at our free permanent exhibition Screen Worlds from 28 August.