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Commissioned as part of Screen Australia and NITV’s Moment in History initiative, We Don't Need a Map is a highly spirited documentary created by Warwick Thornton and Brendan Fletcher.

Acting as tour guide and fellow student, Thornton traverses the constellation’s astronomical, colonial and Indigenous histories underscoring the deeply spiritual connection Aboriginal Australians share with the Southern Cross.

Come and visit our new section in Screen Worlds exploring "We Don’t Need a Map: Australian identity and the Southern Cross". See some of the original Bush Toys, together with spectacular extended time lapse footage and learn about Indigenous histories, tattoo traditions and astronomy.

Our exhibit on We Don't Need a Map in our free permanent exhibition Screen Worlds is open from the 20 January.

Educational resources are available through Reconciliation Australia and SBS Learn.

See We Don't Need a Map in our cinemas.

Cowboy Bush Toy, Southern Cross Windmill and Warwick Thornton

Bush Toys
David Wallace and Johnny Young

Featuring heavily in We Don't a Map, Bush Toys are a unique form of desert art from the Ltyentye Apurte and Titjikala communities of Central Australia, they are made of scavenged materials recycled from local tips. David Wallace and Johnny Young’s Bush Toys are employed by Thornton to illustrate the impact of Australia’s colonial history. Recycling scrap metal into beautifully detailed sculptures Wallace and Young’s toys reflect the spirit of hope central to Thornton’s film.

"When I find things in the tip or on the ground I see what I can make them into. I have been making things since I was a young man at school, I'm happy when I'm making these sculptures". 
David Wallace.

"My work is from the bush and the places I go hunting for food. Ideas come to my head and then I go home and find the things to make them with".
Johnny Young

Collection: Barefoot Communications
Courtesy: The artists and Tapatjatjaka Art and Craft Centre


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