Wendy and Lucy (2008)

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Theatrical release poster for Wendy and Lucy

“Williams' performance is remarkable”

Los Angeles Times

Wendy (Michelle Williams) is a young drifter travelling through the Pacific Northwest with her trusty hound, Lucy. On her way to Alaska, a broken down car ignites a series of small but escalating events that conspire to place Wendy at the very margin of society.

Wendy and Lucy is the first collaboration between Reichardt and Michelle Williams – a performer who is now synonymous with the filmmaker. Under Reichardt's assured and restrained direction, Willilams’ performance contains remarkable beauty and clarity. Through subtle gestures, glances and tempered emotion, she crafts a multifaceted and heartbreakingly real character. Despite the heroine being in nearly every frame, there's still room for standout supporting roles from Wally Dalton and Reichardt regulars, Will Patton and Will Oldham.

Another collaboration with writer Jon Raymond, in many ways Wendy and Lucy is a spiritual successor to Old Joy, with a female protagonist taking up where the character of Kurt (Will Oldham) left off in the previous film.