Education in Games Summit program

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  • Opening Keynote by Meenoo Rami, Manager Minecraft Education at Microsoft
  • Closing Keynote by Brett Leavy sharing highlights from his Virtual Songlines Indigenous software toolkit
  • Matthew Harrison exploring a specialist approach to support learners with additional needs
  • Ivan Davies from Riot Games on eSports Education
  • Michael Kasumovic on how to use games to bring science to life

Hands-on workshops from leading classroom teachers

  • How to make a retro arcade machine
  • Introducing coding using simple tools such as Blue Bots, Micro-bits and ARIS.
  • Which tools are free to use, age-appropriate and accessible.
  • How to get started with seemingly ‘scary’ tools such as Unity, Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  • How to make the most of Minecraft Education Edition for maximum impact.

Plus more workshops with Apple, Unity and ABC Education that highlight ways to offer games learning right across the curriculum from storytelling to STEM.

Day schedule

8.00am registration

9.00am program begins

4.30pm conclusion of events

Post-summit networking and refreshments at ACMI Café