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Big Screens

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“You gotta understand, when moving images first started, people wanted sound, colour, big screen and depth.”

Martin Scorsese

Big screens of all types dominate our cityscapes, advertising screens, events live sites, drive-ins, outdoor cinemas.

When people gather to watch a big screen together it allows the community to share and participate in public events.

Watch the videos below and answer questions to find out more about big screen.

The Lunar Drive In Cinema


What type of content features on big screens?

In what ways could a big screen enhance a sense of community?


SMS_origins was a project that happened in Federation Square. The large screen asked people to message SMS their birthplace, as well as the birthplace of their parents, and when they did it would be mapped on the big screen. Watch the video to see how it worked.


How can or do big screens transform public spaces?

Why do people gather and watch something they could watch at home?

Explore further

Have a look at the Fed TV page.

What are the Key Criteria for the screen?

What do you find interesting on this page?


Using time-lapse, record a clip that shows a crowd gathering for an event. Capture the sounds of people congregating in a public place and combine this with visual footage that shows the same place empty. Are you able to communicate a sense of community in your clip?