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Flash Performance

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“Flash mobbing may be a fad that passes away, or it may be an indicator of things to come.”

Howard Rheingold

Flash mobs transform an everyday place into an impromptu stage.

They can happen anywhere at any time, you just have to be in the know.

Watch the videos below and answer the questions to find out more about Flash Performance in Melbourne.

Pop up project

Clair Korobacz, a member of artist group ‘one step at a time like this’, outlines the Pop-Up project.


Who is flash mobbing for? What is the point of a flash mob?

How do audiences respond to performances in public places?

Should performance artists be allowed to disrupt and challenge people in public spaces?

Accessible Flash Mob

Clair Korobacz describes the Accessible Flash Mob.


What are some of the effects of using an outdoor public space as a stage or an arena for performance art?

How do audiences generally respond to performances in public places? Is the reaction the same if the performance is a surprise?

Explore further

Research what types of flash mobs have been conducted around the world?

What is the relationship between flash mobbers and their audience? Advertisers and marketers are now employing flash mobs to promote their products and causes. What are the implications of this? Reference: Crazy Uptown Funk flashmob in Sydney


Hold your own mini flash mob – for example, a choreographed dance or freeze. Capture the performance from different points of view. Make sure you include the audience’s responses and reactions to the performance. Remember to ask permission before filming people.

“Flash mobs' are reported on extensively because they're novel and can be used to stoke fears of young people and the Internet. The media, of course, have absolutely no clue what they're reporting on.”

Alex Pareene