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Location, Location!

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“Choosing location is integral to the film: in essence, another character.”

Ridley Scott (Director, Blade Runner)

Ever wondered if a film shot on location was filmed in the actual place it depicts? Find out about interesting film and television locations near Melbourne.

In filmmaking, a location is any place where a film crew will be filming actors and recording their dialogue. Filmmakers often choose to shoot on location because they believe that greater realism can be achieved in a "real" place; however, location shooting is often motivated by the film's budget. Many films shoot interior scenes on a sound stage and exterior scenes on location.

Watch a set of videos and answer the questions to find out more about film location

On location with Underbelly

Eben Olsen, location scout for Underbelly, discusses the challenges of finding, and sometimes faking, production locations.


Why do some filmmakers choose to shoot their film on the streets and not in a studio?

Imagine you are a professional location scout. Make a list of locations you know of that could pass for somewhere else. For example, is there a particular laneway in Melbourne could be used to depict a location in New York City? 

On location with Rockwiz

Brian Nankervis and Julia Zemiro discuss shooting Rockwiz on location at the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda, in the iconic Gershwin Room.


Sometimes locations can create the feeling of realism and authenticity. Why does Rockwiz film in a hotel?

Think of some TV examples where location adds to the realistic nature of the show?

On location with Chris Lilley

Production designer Ben Morieson discusses shooting on location for Chris Lilley's Angry Boys and Summer Heights High.


How does the choice of location add to the emotion of the scenes in Angry Boys?

What film and TV shows can you think of where the location plays an integral part in telling the story or is even part of the story itself?

On location with Sideshow Alley

Ty Johnson and Selwyn Cozens talk about the excitement and challenges of shooting Sideshow Alley on location around Melbourne.


How does the relationship between music and location enhance the mood of a scene?

How does the choice of location add to the emotion of the video clip?

Explore further

Browse the locations catalogued at filmmelbournelocations.com. Choose five and think about the genres or types of stories that these locations would match.


Try capturing locations for specific genres, such as romance, action, thriller, drama and film noir. Focus on objects or features in the environment that would make the location interesting, such as a path, a bridge, seating, an interesting tree or a doorway.

“I don't get much studio stuff. I'm usually on location, and I know that some people think that acting is so glamorous, but believe me, it's not!”

Emilia Clarke (Actor, Game of Thrones)