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Projection Art

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Projection of light and shadow can transform a place.

Melbourne celebrates projection art at Gertrude Street Projection Festival each July.

Artists light up the night; their work is projected on to buildings, footpaths and shop windows and changes the way we see these everyday places.


Watch the video to learn about the video art piece The Hawker's Song by Greyspace, and then answer the questions below.

What are some of the positive outcomes of the The Hawker’s Song?

In what ways can people express themselves, their identity, their story, their background and their history using projection art?

Yandell Martin

Discover Yandell Martin's incredible projected artworks in this short video, then answer the questions below.

Why do artists project images in public places?

In what ways could the location dictate the method of projection used and the final creation?

Explore further

Browse the Gertrude Street Projection Festival website and watch the Highlights Reel from the latest festival. What are the aims of the festival?


Plan a piece of projection art for a chosen location. Be thoughtful about the relationship between what you are projecting and the place in which you are projecting it.