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Street Party

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An image of a performer in bright yellow with a mask covering their face

Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown, Melbourne

“The arts are a celebration of life.”

Michael Douglas

Street festivals, parades and parties turn ordinary places into sites of celebration and community sharing.

The laneways of Melbourne’s Little Bourke Street fill up with people around the time of Chinese New Year. Drums, lions and firecrackers excite the crowds and the celebration lasts all night.

Watch the videos and answer the questions to find out more about Chinese New Year in Melbourne.

Chinese New Year

Explore a 360° view of Melbourne's Chinese New Year


What are some of the positive outcomes of public festivals and events?

How does celebrating a festival help to create a sense of identity for a community?

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In what ways can people express themselves, their identity, their story, their background and their history in public?

What community festivals do you know of?


Capture the colour and movement of a festival or public outdoor celebration using a range of shot types, angles and movements. Include objects and decorations that symbolise celebration and festivity, such as lanterns, lights, banners and balloons. During the editing process, try to communicate the rhythm and pace of the public festival by paying close attention to the relationship between sound and image.