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The Dressmaker: Production Stage

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The Production Stage, when filming takes place, is also known as 'principal photography'.

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The Dressmaker: Behind the Seams. Film Art Media 2015

Director of photography

Don McAlpine worked with the director and production designer to capture the film. It was McAlpine's role as director of photography/cinematographer to consider the framing and lighting of each shot.

  • Find out more about the filmmaking process in this behind-the-scenes documentary:The Dressmaker: Behind the Seams.
  • Research Don McAlpine and other films he has worked on as director of photography. What similarities and differences can you notice in the cinematography?

Visual style

Focus on specific scenes to explore the distinctive style of The Dressmaker cinematography.

Watch the clip below and respond to the following prompts:

  • Take note of each shot, identifying the different light and camera movement.

  • Explain McAlpine’s cinematography decisions in this scene. Why were different lighting techniques, shot sizes, angles and movement used?

  • Select 3 shots from this scene and, using any type of video camera, recreate them using the same camera techniques