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The Dressmaker: Post-production Stage

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During the Post-production Stage, production components are put together to make a completed film project. Sound, titles and effects are also added.


It’s a big puzzle to have a lot of footage and put it into some form that holds your interest and arrives somewhere. (Jill Bilcock)

Editor Jill Bilcock worked with Jocelyn Moorhouse to emphasise the magical realism and western styles of the film. She did this through the selection and ordering of a range of shots.

  • Watch this interview where Bilcock recounts her experience of working on The Dressmaker. Explain why Bilcock chose not to read the novel the film was based on. Why is it important for a film editor to be passionate about the project she is working on?

  • To learn more about the editing process, check out Film it

Opening Scenes

Beginnings of movies have got to be way above sensational – you have to establish style. (Jill Bilcock)