Ernest & Celestine Learning Resource

Ernest & Celestine: after watching the film

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Learn more about film language and how to explain your response as a viewer.

Become an active viewer

Your response to the film 

  • What stood out in the film? Which scene was the most memorable? 

  • Make a list of adjectives that describe the film. 

  • How did the film make you feel? 

  • What was the message of the story? 

Animation style 

  • Describe the look of the animation. Focus on: colour, shape, design, movement.  

  • Find out more about the development of the film and the animation process from one of its creators, Benjamin Renner. List three things that you learnt about the film from this video.

  • Renner wanted the film to look like a sketch book. How does this compare to the approach taken by animation studios such as Pixar and Disney? 

  • Watch the chase scene. Describe the effect of making the mice into a single moving shape.