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Welcome to Game Builder! 

Game Builder is an online resource for teachers and students making their very first videogame, and for those who have some experience already. 

Before you start making we want you to remember a couple of things:

There are lots of videogames out there that have been made using millions of dollars, with huge teams of people with years of experience. Don’t be upset if your game doesn’t match up against those. Your first (and second, and third...) videogame will probably be simple, and it might not even work as well as you’d like it to. But remember you’re learning, and with each game you make you’ll pick up more skills and improve upon your last.

Making a game takes time, and with Game Builder we want you to think about all the different elements that make up a videogame including artwork and music. Coding will definitely form a large part of your game build but there’ll be many other elements of game making you’ll explore too.

We have two levels to choose from:


Level 1: Beginner

More info

Level 2: Intermediate

More info

ACMI acknowledges the support of the Telematics Trust in the development of this resource.

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