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Game builder: Level 1

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Welcome to Level 1

To make your game with the programs we'll be using, you’ll need internet access. Keep a document where you can record login details for programs, as well as URL links. 

TEACHERS: head here for module outline and outcomes.

We’ll be using: 

Scratch 3.0: a free, easy to use online block coding program

Beepbox: a chiptune music making program 

Piskel: an online pixel-art editor 

It can be easy to lose work, so make sure you create and save a folder for information, files and game assets. 

Below are the lessons for this module. We recommend working through them in order.


1. What makes a good game?

More info

2. Exploring game mechanics

More info

3. Creating narrative

More info

4 & 5. Creating artwork for a 2D game

More info

6. Logic and coding

More info

7 & 8. Coding using Scratch

More info

9. Creating chiptune music

More info

10. Playtesting and improving your game

More info