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What makes a good game?

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So, what is a good game anyway?

Different people have different ideas about what games are good, but game developers and game players probably agree on at least a few elements.

Bajo and Hex, talk about what they think makes a great game in the video below. After, discuss with your group what you think makes a good game. Did you have different ideas to Bajo and Hex?

We have student-made games from ACMI's Screen It competition online at itch.io

We want you to play the Llama that Wondered a Bit Too Far.

The Llama that Wondered a Bit Too Far

This game was created by students at Doreen Primary School.

Download for PC and then play the game for at least 10 minutes. If you're not on a PC or can't download the game, choose a game you played recently or are playing at the moment. 



- What did you think of the graphics?

- What did you think of the design of the playable character, non-playable characters, backgrounds, and objects?


Game mechanics are basically all the things the player can do in the game and the actions the player controls via the controllers.

- Describe the actions you can do as a player in this game?

-Were the controls and actions easy or difficult to pick up? Were they easy or difficult to master? 


- Describe the sound effects in the game, and which actions in the game had sound effects attached to them?

- Was there music? Did it complement the game?


- What's special or different about this game? What things make this game unique?

What makes a good review?

Before you create your own review, watch the review below of AO Tennis 2.

- What were the key elements of the game covered in the review? 

- What extra things did it cover? So things that were quite specific to this game, or tennis games?

- Did you enjoy all the tennis puns? Did it add to the review?

- Were comparisons made between AO Tennis 1 and this game?

- How important is imagery (still images and capture of gameplay) to this review?

Reviewing your game

Write or record your own review of The Llama that Wondered a Bit Too Far or another game using your responses to the above about design, mechanics, sound and X-factor. Feel free to add anything else you think is important.

If possible, take screenshots or live-record parts of the game to use in your review. Not sure how? Here are Mac OS shortcuts, how to on Windows 10, how to transfer screen shots from a PS4 and for Xbox.

Your all-time favourite game

ACMI staff love videogames. We think that to make good videogames, you should think about and discuss with others what you like about the videogames you play. Watch ACMI staff talking about the videogames they like above.

Now you've heard others talk about their favourite games, we want you to think about it too.

- What's your favourite game?

- Why is it your favourite?

- What is it about that game that means you play it lots, or have played it more than once, or can't get it out of your mind?!

- Describe the graphics and what you like about them.

- Describe the mechanics of the game (the things you can do as a player)

- Describe what you like about the music and or the sound effects of the game


Write or record your 'review' of this game using your answers to the above questions to explain 'Why _____________________ is my favourite game of all time'