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Create a cracking contraption

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Cracking contraptions

If you’ve watched Wallace and Gromit before, you’ll know Wallace is famous for inventing his own ‘cracking contraptions’, that usually go horribly wrong. And who saves the day? That’s right, Gromit!

Now you’ve learnt how to create your own claymation characters, try inventing your own wacky contraption to use in your stop motion animation.

Watch: Check out some episodes of Wallace and Gromit: Cracking Contraptions for inspiration. You can find episodes online here, or start with the first episode below.

Use the creating your own contraption worksheet to get started.

Creating your own contraption

Before you get cracking on the second part of the worksheet, analyse the style of Wallace’s contraptions. They have a very ‘retro’ look because they are inspired by machines, devices and contraptions from the 1930s through to the 1960s. (‘Retro’ is short for retrospective which means to look back).

Get some inspiration for your own device from Pinterest boards that show what some machines and devices looked like in the past.

Feel free to keep exploring and finding your own retro inspiration.

Once you’ve got an idea of how your contraption might look, it’s time to think about what it might do.

Wallace’s inventions always seem to have weird but specific purposes as well as lots of different features. Follow the steps on your worksheet to create your own crazy contraption.

Listen:  The team from Aardman talk about the wacky and inventive contraptions featured in their films and TV show in episode four of ACMI’s Wallace & Gromit and Friends podcast.

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