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Screen It resources 2018

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The theme for this year's Screen It competition is Curious.

You can interpret this theme in any way you like, so get your creative juices going by exploring the resources below.

Each module has fascinating ways of exploring Curious, and great activities for starting your short films, videogames or animations.

Do the activities with your class, friends or production crew and keep excited about entering Screen It!


Get started with the theme: Curious

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The Scientific Method

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Creatively curious

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Be curious

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Awaken your inner Sherlock

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Inspiring page turners

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Cabinet of Curiosities

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Asking questions

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Planning your Screen It entry

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You can also print a resource. Click on the link below for a PDF version.

Producing your entry

Got an amazing idea? Then it's time to start planning your production.

Check out our complete guide to production below, and print up a poster for your classroom.