About the game

Story Monster is a fun online literacy game that uses the moving image to promote student learning.

In the game, you'll design a hungry monster who loves to gobble up words. But your monster will need help with what to eat - he can only be fed well-structured sentences.

When a complete sentence has been eaten, your monster will act it out for you. At the end of the game, you can add your monster to a gallery for others to admire.

This educational resource combines gameplay and storytelling to develop foundational knowledge and skills related to reading, writing and screen literacy. It targets a range of learning levels and has been designed to be played both in class and at home.

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Produced with the support of the Telematics Course Development Fund.

Story monster resource

Student film & game competition

If you like playing Story Monster, have you ever thought about making your own videogame? Our national Screen It Competition invites primary and secondary school students to create a videogame, live action film or an animation.

Enter as an individual or school group for your chance to win great prizes!


Screen It

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