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Thanks for joining us at ACMI recently for a Film It workshop. We hope you and your students had a wonderful time. If you've received this link, you should have also received a link to download your student's films from the day. Here you'll find follow up activities to try out once you're back at school

Watch back student films

As a class, rewatch all group's projects.

When you get your student’s films back, rewatch as a class and do some reflection:

  1. What were you as a group, proud of?
  2. What would you do differently?
  3. What did you like about other groups’ work and how they approached the task?
  4. What shots stood out to you as being particularly good or interesting? What did you like about them?
  5. Scriptwriting is obviously a huge part of the filmmaking process, but so is interpreting a script you didn’t necessarily write. What did you think about that process? Was it liberating? Did you feel limited?
  6. Did you as a group, go ‘off-script’? (Fine if you did!) What led to that decision? And did it happen in the pre-production, production, or post-production phase?
  7. As the saying goes, a film is made once in the writing phase, again in the production phase, and a third time in the edit. Invite students to think about and comment on how edits were differed within groups, using the exact same footage.

Reshoot a famous scene

The Departed is a U.S remake of the film Internal Affairs.

In both films, the premise revolves around two cops – one who is deep undercover in an organised crime outfit (Billy), the other, a mole for the organised crime outfit who has infiltrated the police force (Colin).

This scene takes place after Billy’s handler (Queenan), the only who knows Billy’s identity, is killed.

Colin, attempting to seek out the undercover cop (Billy) finds himself in possession of Queenan’s personal effects after his death. In this scene, Colin calls the last number on Queenan’s phone from his office, and Billy, paranoid and stressed out, sees his phone ring, the call coming from Queenan, who Billy knows is dead.

It’s up to teachers if you want to see either or both versions of this scene from The Departed and Internal Affairs before, or after you shoot your version of the scene. Watch them on YouTube.

Download an adapted version of the scripted scene below.

Please note, this version includes the character names of Billy and Colin, but this character can be renamed and/or played by anyone of any gender for this exercise.

Group sizes can vary, but we recommend groups of 4-6 that include the following roles:

  • 2 actors (Billy and Colin)
  • Director
  • Cinematographer/camera operator
  • Sound operator
  • Editor

Similar to the process you engaged with at ACMI, we recommend:

  • reading through the script
  • marking it up; highlight important objects, moments, sketch out where you think particular shots would work
  • storyboard the scene
  • optional: create a shot list