Joining a virtual lesson

Thanks for booking a Virtual Lesson with the ACMI Education team.

Here's some added info about your upcoming session.

Zoom videoconferencing

We use Zoom videoconferencing for our Virtual Lessons.

We recommend you (and your students if they are learning from home) download Zoom before the lesson:

It is important to join our weekly test meetings to test your connection, equipment, and the Zoom videoconferencing software, as well as providing you with a chance to discuss strategies for ensuring a quality online lesson for you with one of our Educators.

These are held the Monday before your lesson between 3:25pm-3:40pm.

To join a test meeting, simply click the below link on the Monday prior to your scheduled session.

Passcode: ACMI_test

This link will prompt Zoom to download if you haven't already, or it will open Zoom if you have already downloaded it.

You'll find a guide to joining and participating in an online ACMI program below. It includes a student code of conduct you can either provide or discuss with your students prior to your lesson.

Remote learning?

Please encourage students to join the meeting 10 minutes prior to the start time, and if possible change their Zoom display name be their first name, first initial of their surname plus their school name. Students will be placed in a virtual waiting room until start time.
This lesson is for your students only, please don't share details with anyone else.
Teachers, please join 10 minutes early also - we'll admit you into the meeting earlier than your students to say hello and troubleshoot.
If students are having trouble connecting to the lesson, please have them contact you the teacher, and pass on to our moderator either verbally or through the chat function during the meeting. Please understand ACMI cannot troubleshoot issues that are specific to an individual's computer. To mitigate connection issues all are encouraged to join a test meeting on Monday prior to the virtual lesson.
If you experience any technical difficulty with the live videoconference – please email and we shall do our best to help troubleshoot.

Resources for your virtual lesson

We have some pre-lesson activities you can engage your class with before the session, as well as post-lesson activities if you'd like to continue exploring.

If you don't get a chance to do the pre-lesson activities don't stress! Your virtual lesson will still be fun.

Stories of the Screen resources

Me and my world resources

Let's Get Animated resources

Secrets of movie-making resources

Changing the game resources

Genre filmmaking resources

Apologies if you have booked for the News Reporting or Once Upon a Time... virtual lessons, we don't yet have extra resources for these programs.

Contact us

If you've any further questions about your booking, please contact ACMI Education